Bisnis Internasional

Perkuliahan telah memasuki cawu ke-3, mata kuliah pun mulai bersifat khusus dan mendalami teori dibandingkan cawu cawu sebelumnya.

Pertama masuk dihadapkan dengan mata kuliah Bisnis International dan diajar seorang dosen bernama Prof. DR. Suharno, MM

Tugasnya menanggapi sebuah kasus bisnis internasional seperti yang saya tuliskan dibawah ini :

Increasing Dollar Makes Exporters Holler

Busines Challenge

This high australian dollar has seriously impaired arrow’s competitiveness. In one of its main markets-India-the dollar is up 20% againts the Indian Rupee.

Arrow’s main competition is from US suppliers. The fall in the US dollar has made US suppliers much more competitive. Andrew says : “US machine used to sell for about AU$75,000; now they are selling for about AU$50,000. We are still about $70,000 per unit. its very hard.

Management Problem

how to manage a rapid and severe change in business competitiveness because of the high Australian dollar (AUD).

Business Response


As soon as the AUD began rising, new order ceased, tim andrew began talking with his suppliers and creditors. He has been working with many of them for more than 20 years. He has lengthened payment term out to 90 days.

Staff levels

Arrow runs a tight head office of five staff. As a result of previous downturn, the company employs subcontractors for production. Head office staff have been cut from five to two. Wages – including Andrew’s – have been cut by one-third.

Trade show

arrow has cancelled scheduled trade show slots in russia and the middle east, andrew is still considering whether to attend show in china and india.


Andrews says he has had to deal with a downturn affecting sales twice before, notably during the 1997 Asian economic crisis. He says : “There is nothing you can do to change the value of the dollar; you just have to tighten your belt and flexible. we used to keep thing in-house but now we find that using sub-contractors is the best. when the business is there, we can expand our work force as much as we need to.”

Market focus

Arrow has focused on making local sales in the Australia as FY 2011 budget were spent. The company has sold units to local government buyers in places such as Newcastle.

Governmetn support

Andrew recognises that government cannot change the value of the dollar. he has had some NSW government support in the past to attend international exhibitions as well as exporter assistance through the EMDG scheme.

Tugas inilah yang akan dikumpul pada pertemuan berikutnya..apakah ada yang bisa membantu šŸ˜€

selamat mengerjakan



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